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About CPAP & BiPAP

Thank you for your interest in Sea Breeze Sleep and Medical Services, an independently owned medical supply and uniform company located in the Seacoast town of North Hampton, New Hampshire. 


office-inventory-small.jpgWe strive to deliver you the top quality medical products and supplies you need. If you or a loved one is looking to maintain independence, we offer a way for you to help them do so. Our vast selection of walkers, wheelchairs, aids to daily living and bath safety products encourage independence throughout the best years of our lives. When you choose Sea Breeze Sleep, you are choosing a care team that prioritizes your health, happiness and dignity. To ensure you are well taken care of, our staff consists of highly trained clinicians with diverse medical training and skills. We have combined our extensive and diverse medical knowledge and experience to bring to you the best care possible.






If you are turning to us for support for your CPAP or BiPAP therapy, you can rest assured knowing we go to all lengths necessary to ensure that you are well educated regarding your diagnosis and your equipment, that you have the right mask and PAP device for your individual treatment, while working with your doctors to ensure you are getting the best benefits possible from your treatment.


Dansk Scrubs in NHIf you’ve found us in the seemingly endless search for support as you care for a loved one or valued client, you can finally relax knowing that you have a team of clinicians on your side, devoted to finding you the right solutions to help make life easier for both of you.


We know that it’s important to look your best and be comfortable while on the job, so we also offer caregivers a top of the line selection of scrubs from leading brands such as Grey’s Anatomy, Barco, Jockey, Landau, Smitten, Urbane, Wink and more. We promise to help you look and feel your best so that you can perform at your peak every day!





Who We Trust


We know trust is important when it comes to the care of yourself or your loved one. We strive to assist our clients with all of the obstacles they may face, and we recommend the following trusted professionals in our community to assist you with your family’s needs:


Griswold Homecare